Rot Free PVC Door Frame – The 5 Benefits of PF(TM) Frames

Published: 02nd December 2008
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Plastpro Inc. is the leading supplier of fiberglass doors and products in the United States. With innovative technology that allows the homeowner to combine the strength of fiberglass with the ability to build or remodel their home in style.

One major product that Plastpro Inc. provides is a product called PF(TM) Frames. This product provides all the strength and durability of wood frames with enhanced properties that make it rot free. Basically, you'll be replacing your wood door frame with a rot free PVC door frame that resists moisture, insects and rust.

I'd like to give you 5 benefits of using PF(TM) Frames. You will be satisfied, I'm certain, with a rot free PVC door frame in your home.

1. PF(TM) Frames Provide a Closed Cellular Structure

This assures that you receive absolute rot free PVC door frames.

2. PF(TM) Frames Provide a Rigid Poly-Fiber Formulation

This is a convenient and money-saving benefit that eliminates the need for an aluminum support channel.

3. PF(TM) Frames Provide Twice the Screw Holding Power

Your new rot free PVC door frame will have twice the screw holding power as your previous wood door frames.

4. PF(TM) Frames are Easily Machined

These PVC door frames are just as easily manufactured as wood.

5. PF(TM) Frames come in Various Lengths

You're not limited to one or two lengths. You have a variety to choose from that will fit your needs for your particular home.

Along with these benefits, PF(TM) Frames also have arch and radius frames available. This gives you a much wider variety when it comes to style. Plastpro is the only fiberglass door manufacturer that provides this option.

Beyond all the benefits of having a rot free PVC door frame, you'll also be able to have the style you prefer when it comes to the design of your home. With all of these options and features, you'll also provide yourself with a more energy-efficient home, cutting down on power costs and helping the environment in the long term.
Plastpro Inc is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass doors, door frames and even wall paneling. For more information on a rot free PVC door frame, please visit Plaspro's official website:

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